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Ballot Harvesting: If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them?

What exactly is this practice, what are we up against, and will we have to play dirty until we can secure our elections again?

Full transparency, I was a bit freaked out when I heard #conservatives seriously discussing using this tactic. My thought was isn't this a race to the bottom?

Well, in a way yes. But when things are broken beyond repair, sometimes you have to destroy them or take them "down to the studs" to rebuild on a new foundation. I think that is where we are 100%. As long as the Democommies are in power in certain states, they will continue to use this questionably "legal" practice to ensure they STAY in power.

What is ballot harvesting exactly and how is it legal?

Let's dive into this...

Ballot harvesting occurs when a political operative, volunteer or paid, gathers absentee or mail-in ballots for people who may not be inclined to go vote on #Voting Day. They then drop off these ballots at drop boxes or collection sites.

This practice happens in states where mail-in voting is common, but in some states it is illegal in most cases. People in favor of it claim it gives "people who wouldn't have the ability to vote a voice", while people against it obviously see the high likelihood it will be abused and used fraudulently. (which it clearly is)

So how does this "fraud" happen? Several ways:

  1. The political operatives are working for the #Democrat party, therefore, when they go to remote places where the voters are ignorant of the issues and unaware of their true choices, they can be manipulated and/or coerced into voting as their "harvester" instructs them to. (this happens in nursing homes, jails, etc)

  2. Voter rolls or the list of voters in a certain area can be used to simply generate the votes needed and filled out by the Dem operatives, signed, and submitted. Technically it's a "real person", they're just hijacking their vote. Old voter rolls even have dead people on them, which is how they end up having dead people vote Dem.

  3. Pencils or other markers can be used on the ballots and then later changed by the political operatives to Dem candidates.

  4. Ballots that do not align with "the party" are simply thrown away or discarded.

According to Ballotpedia, here are the stats regarding ballot harvesting by state:

"As of May 2022:

  • 25 states and D.C. permitted someone chosen by the voter to return mail ballots on their behalf in most cases

  • 11 states specified who may return ballots (i.e., household members, caregivers, and/or family members) in most cases

  • 1 state explicitly allowed only the voter to return their ballot

  • 13 states did not specify whether someone may return another's ballot"

Clearly, just the discrepancy state to state is alarming. If we are voting as a COUNTRY, in national elections (President/VP & Congress), there must* be cohesion in our elections state to state. Common sense election laws & integrity are the only way to "maintain dEmOcRacY", as the left likes to claim.

Fun Fact: India has 620+ million voters. One day voting. Photo ID required. Results are known in hours. Do not let these commies who have infiltrated our government gaslight you about "disenfranchising".

Should conservatives create their own ballot harvesting operation??

We must.

We will never win another election and certainly not the presidency if we do not. It's that simple. However, our ultimate goal from what I have been seeing from key players and that I agree with strongly, is that we will only engage in this behavior until we can outlaw it to an extent. We do not want to disenfranchise people who do not have transportation, are in jail, or a hospital, or a nursing home... but we do want to make it damn near impossible to commit voter fraud.

Our version of this practice as conservatives will obviously be cleaner and morally sound, and we will not abuse the process or commit fraud. But just imagine for a moment, all of the deep red but very remote/country communities that will now have more of a voice? All of the elderly conservatives that will no longer be subjected to badgering or vote fraud by the Demcommie operatives? The Trump rallies? The concerts?

If we do this right, we will crush them. WE ARE THE MAJORITY. I do not say that as my opinion, but based on all of the evidence and research I have done. They are just the loud, unhinged minority of a dying oppressive ideology that rejects God and truth.

We will win, because God wins. Let the games begin. #2024 here we come.


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