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In a nutshell...

"What is the purpose of life?" This is a question that plagued me for decades. I wasn't lucky enough to have direction or a North Star as a young woman. It wasn't until many painful experiences and mistakes that I found the right people and my divine purpose.


I decided to get a psychology degree at the ripe old age of 28. At this juncture of life, I NEEDED to understand myself and other people because the path I was on was looking bleak.

I realized something during those next few years: although getting a PhD sounded impressive- like a great accomplishment, a voice inside me said this was not my path. Call it early distrust of the government. Once you enter into the doctorate-phase, you are bound. Bound by their codes and stipulations, unable to heal people in any real way, and just another pawn to feed the machine that is big pharma. So after obtaining my degree, I simply continued self-study into a variety of specialized psychological subjects that greatly impacted my childhood: addiction, narcissistic personality disorder, and maladaptive child development.

What happened next I could NEVER have predicted- I fell into researching political figures and political history (due to a big red pill when HRC ran for President). There I was almost 10 years ago: an apolitical moderate with a splash of libertarian (anti-Big Gov + Corporations ). After getting into a heated debate with a Trumper, I was slapped with information and evidence that shook me to my core. So I dived in head-first into the rabbit hole... and it changed my life. The things I've seen they will never ever show you on mainstream media, don't kid yourself.

What does narcissistic personality disorder, addiction, and child development/abuse have to do with politics?

A whole lot more than you think.

Through some trial and error, along with some God-led soul searching, I have arrived here with Politi-Psych. This platform is in its infancy and setup phase, so I am not sure how it will evolve or develop yet... but I look forward to following God's path on the journey.

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