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Public Servants vs Politicians

The government apparatus at every level, from local to federal, has become so corrupted by money + power that it can only be compared to a modern day mafia.

When the idea first came into my mind to consider running for public office, many thoughts came through:

  • it's a dirty game, and they'll try to come after anything they can to attack us

  • they will throw tons of money at my opponents to help their race

  • the election process isn't secure in FL

  • how will I get the message out knowing my accounts are censored

(When I say "they", I mean the establishment machine. Comprised of local/state media, corrupt corporate interests, political operatives, and dirty politicians)

And so on. However, the more I observed the landscape here in Florida, the more I realized the Old Guard Establishment has it locked up down here. The corporate commercial interests are moving in like hawks, and the politicians in Tallahassee are happy to roll out the red carpet in return for donations and other "benefits". So where does that leave the average citizen?

Screwed, quite frankly.

So I decide to stand up and run for office.

Many people who have followed my journey online and the massive amount of information I've shared, were happy to see it. People who knew me prior to my political era were shocked as they started looking at the world differently based on the information I shared over the past 6-7 years. My red pill awakening to the corruption was front and center, because I knew I wasn't the only one who used to be in the dark on these matters. I wanted others to have access to the info and research I had. I didn't want anyone else to be deceived.

Around the time of Jan 6 and Covid, I had amassed a decent following and very high engagement. Then the censorship started. Here I was, the "little guy" with maybe 100k followers across all platforms, sharing info to help people avoid poor health decisions* (ahem shots) and sharing the footage and documented discrepancies in the 2020 election... and Zuckerberg's minions took me down, along with the lovely TikTok.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I was just a CITIZEN. I wasn't a paid journalist. I wasn't a paid pundit. I spent hours daily sharing info to help our country and help the people in it because I CARED. Call me foolish, but I did... and still do.

So now here I am on my second set of accounts that I need to use to reach my voters, and guess what? They're shadowbanned. Yes, I got an official "account restriction" notice from ole Meta. ON MY CAMPAIGN PAGE. With 7500 real followers, who used to see my message, and now they don't. Should this be legal in America?

Of course not.

I'm just getting warmed up however. Let's talk MONEY...

When I first embarked on this journey, all I kept hearing from every "strategist" and political operative was: "you need to raise at least a quarter million dollars".

Me: What? For a State House position which is basically part time that pays $29k a year?

What am I missing here? Oh yes! The influence peddling and control of the likely the most important agricultural county in the whole state. The "dirty" part of politics, that I don't want any part of. GREAT.

I came out of nowhere essentially, because I wasn't "in the game"or playing the game here locally in my district. I wasn't schmoozing or rubbing elbows with the "players" aka influence dealers prior to my run. I wasn't being groomed by the operatives in the area. (This threw the usually players for a loop.)

Nope. Silly ole me was actually paying attention to what was happening in legislature in Tallahassee and how it was affecting the people in my county and state. I was reading the Facebook community group posts from upset residents about their property rights being encroached upon, their insurance costs skyrocketing, and them not being able to find affordable rentals in the area. I was listening to people at the Farmer's Market and at my church talk about the rising costs of fuel and food, and their grave concerns about what was going on in the schools their children were attending.

And most of all, I was watching the representatives in Tallahassee not give a damn about any of it, and vote along party lines for whatever "leadership" wanted. The Old Guard deciding what the peasants should have or not have.

Rural American farm communities are the backbone of this state and country. Here I am shopping for our family farm just west of where we are now, the place I'd like to raise children, and it's run by sellouts?


Maybe because these same old birds crow about how "Florida is Ruby Red, it's Republican Country down here". Bullshit. It's a Rino Establishment haven who pretend to cater to the conservative voter, but once they're in office, things look different. Campaign promises made, but not kept.

So I'm running.

If you happen to be in my district, or really any district, what you can expect is to be marketed to. HARDCORE. You will receive obscene amounts of mail with shiny photos of the candidates, telling you what "they're gonna do". You will see them at fundraisers and events, pretending to care while getting every photo op they can. You will see their ads on your TV and phone, telling you why they're the ones to vote for.

Here's what I came to tell you:

There's a big difference between a public servant and a politician. I am a public servant. I don't give a damn how much donor money my "opponents" raise. You know why the vast majority of people love Trump? He doesn't care about the big donors. Over 94-95% of Trump's donations are under $120, because he is a man for the PEOPLE. Not the donors. If someone in my very rural district can raise more than the annual salary ($68k) of the average voter in one month of "campaigning", how much do you think they're going to relate to or care about the average citizen in their district?

I don't have to answer for you, you know the answer.

Judge a person by his/her enemies. Guess who the only candidate is in my district that's had hit pieces ran on them by propaganda publications? Yes. It me.

My sage advice? Don't be an easy mark. Do your research and be an INFORMED VOTER. The establishment hates that.

If you ever want to know what to look for in a candidate, here's the short list:

  1. Who have they given money to or contributions to in the past?

  2. Who are they aligned with as far as corporate/"healthcare"/big food/agriculture interests?

  3. Who are their big donors?

  4. Are they a public servant or a politician out to prop up their own and their friends interests?

That's all I have for now, but stay tuned as my next masterpiece (yes, that's sarcasm for the trolls) will be exposing the voting system here in Florida...

As always, thank you for your time + attention. If you found this helpful or insightful, please share.

xo... G


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