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Trump, Everyday Americans, and the Uniparty

The phenomenon of the MAGA movement is not difficult to understand, as long as you're willing to accept you've been put in a cage.

Before embarking on his journey into politics, Donald Trump was wildly popular... WITH MOST PEOPLE. LIke, the overwhelming majority, regardless of ideology, thought he was he cool guy. Rappers rapped about him, celebrities invited him to every party, and nobody really "hated" him (including the media).

So why the sudden plunge into a whole movement of hate against him from the media and the same people who used to love him?

One word: BLACKMAIL.

Now, you might be thinking, "what, Trump is blackmailing them"? Well, not exactly. To understand, we have to dive into the Epstein subject a bit and how for decades, this truly deranged person was used by certain "agencies" to blackmail the world's elite and those in positions of power/influence. I already know your next question: WHY?

That's simple to answer really, and I can do so by asking a question- what better way to control the biggest voices and influences in media/tv in society, than to coax them into a "party" environment, give them mind-altering substances, and then film them doing depraved horrific things?

These influential people entice us into corporate slavery and make their masters billions. They influence our buying choices, our lifestyles, our self-perceptions even. The toxic matrix we find ourselves in is attributed to the system we follow created by people we see as leaders, such as the chemical overload in all our products/foods that cause illness which then feeds the medical machine, being taxed 8 ways from Sunday to feed the federal greed machine which steps on our rights, and let's not forget the massive propaganda machine that is our school systems and media/television.

The people who pull the puppet strings know that these influential people have reputations, careers, families, children, and wealth. If those Puppet Masters hold the evidence that could rip these people away from all of that and tarnish their name as sick demented predators, even throw them in prison or worse, don't you think they would be able to control absolutely everything they do/say?


However, there's one man they couldn't pin down, they couldn't blackmail, they couldn't control. That was all fine and acceptable when he was just a "businessman", but as soon as he entered the lion's den that is politics and announced he intended to go after traffickers and perverts... ALL BETS WERE OFF. Stop Trump by any means necessary because if they don't, they will all go down. You don't have to be any sort of "conspiracy theorist" to acknowledge that Epstein and Maxwell went down for trafficking children to... no one? Come on.

The second part of this equation though, is the most interesting to me: the MAGA movement and the deep love that many patriotic, decent Americans have for Trump. Why?

That answer is also simple: he speaks to and works for regular people to gain their power back. IT IS TRULY THAT SIMPLE.

Now, the other side has been brainwashed to say "he only gives tax cuts to his rich friends" blah blah. Which we know is untrue and more propaganda fodder for the un-awake. Trump has always cared about other people, everyday Americans, long before he was President and no matter how wealthy he got. The people who have experienced his kindness and generosity will never have their voices elevated, but know that it is a staggering number of individuals.

He also understands business better than anyone, and that running a country is very similar to running a business: the engine of the business and the lifeblood is THE PEOPLE. The more you help the people and give them a stake in the outcome/productivity, the more pride and passion they will put into their work or country!! (Read that again)

Trump is not a politician, although he wears the hat to get the job done, he truly is here for: saving our country. One of the most important results of him getting in the ring with us is that he has inspired the EVERYDAY AMERICAN to get involved, to get to the school board meeting, to run for local/state office. I can speak to this personally, obviously, as I am that person. I was apolitical before Trump entered politics.

Now I am running for office and encouraging other EVERYDAY AMERICANS to run also. Not career politicians, not "political operatives" that have been groomed, not philanthropists looking to feed their savior complex, and not pharma execs trying to help their special interests. Just an American from a broken home who runs a small business, wants a safe state/country for her future family, that has enough courage + righteous anger to go up against the Uniparty that hates Trump and that hates We the People.

I am humbled and appreciative to you for reading this post, and I hope it inspires you. Please feel free to share and remember to support your grassroots people. Be well, God Bless, and let's Save the Republic.




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