A colorful tale indeed...


The path of holistic living and having my own 10 acre farm started in my early 20s. I was in a profession rife with all the toxins of life, and it didn't sit well with me. Also, I was interested in building better immunity as well as strength, which led me to research that made one thing very clear- chemicals were BAD.

I decided at 23 that I was going to eat as organic as possible (this was way before it was trendy), and I did. My immune system skyrocketed and my life to a turn down a path I never anticipated: I became a ranch owner. The property we acquired had ZERO animals on it, but had a large lake. Being the animal lover I am, I couldn't wait to fill it with all manner of species: ducks, chickens, geese (not my choice, so noisy!), peacocks, swans, goats, rabbits, livestock dogs, and eventually a couple small cows (we didn't keep long, not equipped to handle).

Yes, I was literally Mrs. Doolittle! And I loved it. I built coops, barns, fencing, water mechanisms, learned landscaping, basic mechanics, drove a backhoe (fun), trailers, box trucks, and learned how to garden a bit. It lasted about 6 years, then I had to give it all up to save myself, so to speak. I moved to the Miami area and it was back to fast paced workaholic urban life. I've been through a healing journey since then, moved several times, and finally found a strong foundation a few years ago when I gave my life to Christ. If you knew my history, that was a longgg stretch of the imagination. But it was life-saving.

Fast forward to the times we find ourselves in currently- supply shortages, sexual + political indoctrination of children, rampant corruption throughout the bureaucracy, inflation, and a whole lot of sick/unhealthy people. As a proponent of the more holistic approach to life, my many friends in the military and defense field, the passion to teach, and my years living on the ranch in my 20s... an idea was born: Sovereign Holistic. I wanted to teach people how to break free from the institutionalized, diseased, digital prison "Matrix" and live a healthier, more sustainable life. The community has evolved and is now a membership style platform full of tools, trainings, interaction, and connection. Our next phase will be acquiring land to show members first-hand how to live FREE.

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

What is Sovereign Holistic?

A place of learning and support for a better life. 

This idea was born from a place of need: to build a community of self-sustaining, supportive, holistically-healthy warriors that can affect real change in their local communities.

Sovereign Holistic is an educational + resource-driven platform packed with all the tools you need to become Sovereign and of Sound Mind & Body so you can care for your family free of dependency on toxic institutions + government programs.